Thursday, June 26th 2014

08h00 Registration: Battleford Foyer
08h30 Plenary lecture: Martin Gander (University of Geneva)
Riemann, Schwarz, Schur, Picard: From a Gap in a  Proof to Modern Domain Decomposition Methods

Chair: Ronald Haynes
Battleford Ballroom
09h30 Coffee break
10h00 Thematic Sessions and Contributed Talks
Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan William Pascoe
Numerics for Complex Fluids  GARCH/HMM  Computational Methods in Mathematical Biology (Graduate student session) IVPs and BVPs  Numerical Analysis and Optimization III The Stability and Dynamics of Localized Structures in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Chair: Peter Minev Chair: Alexey Kuznetsov Chair: Hermann Eberl Chair: John Bowman Chair: Uri Ascher Chair: Michael Ward
Ian Frigaard (University of British Columbia)  Alexandru Badescu (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)  Andrew Skelton (University of Guelph)  Steve Ruuth (Simon Fraser University)  Uri Ascher (University of British Columbia)   Ralf Wittenberg (Simon Fraser University) 
Kumar Nandakumar (Louisiana State University)  Matthew Couch (University of Calgary)  Saeed Torabi Ziaratgahi (University of Saskatchewan)  Paul Muir (Saint Mary's University) Ned Nedialkov (McMaster University)  Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta) 
Peter Minev (University of Alberta)  Anton Tenyakov (University of Western Ontario)  William Ko (Simon Fraser University)  Jason Boisvert (University of Saskatchewan) Chun-Hua Guo (University of Regina) Alan Lindsay (University of Notre Dame) 
  Anatoliy Swishchuk (University of Calgary)   Elham Mirshekari (University of Saskatchewan) Ray Spiteri (University of Saskatchewan)   Bartosz Protas (McMaster University)  Justin Tzou (Dalhousie University)  
12h00 Lunch Break and End of Scientific Activities

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