Sunday, June 22 2014



Software Carpentry Bootcamp

Part 1

Willam Pascoe



Battleford Foyer





Software Carpentry Bootcamp

Part 2

William Pascoe

Chair: Raymond Spiteri
Battleford Ballroom

Welcome Reception

Battleford Foyer

Monday, June 23, 2014

08h00 Registration: Battleford Foyer
08h15 Opening remarks:  Ian Frigaard
Battleford Ballroom
08h30 Plenary lecture: George Karniadakis (Brown University)
Stochastic Multiscale Modeling

Chair: Lucy Campbell
Battleford Ballroom
09h30 Coffee break
10h00 Thematic Sessions
Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan William Pascoe
Geophysical Fluid Flows I Trading, Portfolios, and Risk Management Mathematics and Medical Imaging I Simulation in Healthcare and Surgical Education  I Biopolymer Entanglements Numerical Methods for Nonlinear PDEs
Chair: Allan Willms Chair: Nicholas Kevlahan Chair: Artur Sowa Chair: Ian Stavness Chair: Chris Soteros Chair: Victor LeBlanc

 Morris Flynn (University of Alberta)

Francois Watier (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) Ken Jackson (University of Toronto) Terry Peckham (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology) De Witt  Sumners (Florida State University) Brittany  Froese (University of Texas Austin)
Chunendra Sahu (University of Alberta) Thomas  Coleman (University of Waterloo) Richard Frayne (University of Calgary) Reza Fotouhi (University of Saskatchewan) Eric  Rawdon (University of St. Thomas) Weiran Sun (Simon Fraser University)
 Lucy Campbell (Carleton University) Amanda Luo (University of Toronto) Jiri  Patera (University of Montreal) Paul Kulyk (University of Saskatchewan) Koya Shimokawa (Saitama University) Morris Flynn (University of Alberta)
    Pooyan Shirvani Ghomi (University of Calgary) Jing Jin (University of Western Ontario) Andrew Rechnitzer (University of British Columbia) Michael  Ward (University of British Columbia)
12h00 Lunch break

2013 CAIMS Research Prize Lecture: Michael Doebeli (University of British Columbia),
Evolutionary Dynamics in High-Dimensional Phenotype Spaces

Chair: Jacques Bélair
Battleford Ballroom

14h30 Coffee break
15h00 Thematic Sessions

Software Carpentry Bootcamp

Part 3

William Pascoe





Adam Ballroom  Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan
Geophysical Fluid Flows II  Levy Processes and Jump Diffusions  Mathematics and Medical Imaging II  Simulation in Healthcare and Surgical Education  II Numerical Problems in Fluid Dynamics
Chair: George Patrick   Chair: Bruno Remillard Chair: Hongmei Zhu   Chair: Ian Stavness Chair: Ronald Haynes 
Lidia Nikitina (Geomagnetic Laboratory, Natural Resources Canada) Rim Cherif (HEC Montreal)  Yunyan Zhang (University of Calgary)  Vahid Anvari (ISIS Health Informatics Company) Dong Liang (York University)

Jamil Jabbour (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Jean-Francois Renaud (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) Varvara Nika (York University) Kevin Stanley (University of Saskatchewan) John Stockie (Simon Fraser University)
  Alexey Kuznetzov (York University) Izabela Vlahu (University of Saskatchewan)  Eleni Stroulia (University of Alberta) Aymen Jendoubi (Laval university)
    Artur Sowa (University of Saskatchewan)  Ivar Mendez (University of Saskatchewan) Nicholas Kevlahan (McMaster University)
17h00 End of activities for the day
18h00 Canadian Symposium for Fluid Dynamics Dinner

Tuesday, June 24 2014

08h00 Registration: Battleford Foyer
08h30 Plenary lecture: Daniel Coombs (University of British Columbia)
Individual and population approaches to cell surface receptor motion

Chair: Thomas Hillen
Battleford Ballroom
09h30 Coffee break
10h00 Thematic Sessions
Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom  Salon Batoche  Carlton  Kelsey & Saskatchewan  William Pascoe
Complex Fluids in Industry and Physiology I Finsurance  Systems Biology I: Mathematics Meets Biochemistry Turbulence, Shear Flows and Vortices Numerical Analysis and Optimization I  Dynamical Systems
 Chair: Yves Bourgault Chair:  Jean-Francois Renaud Chair: Greg Lewis Chair: Lucy Campbell Chair: Justin Wan Chair: Sharene Bungay
Ian Frigaard (University of British Columbia) Alexander Melnikov (University of Alberta) Brian Ingalls (University of Waterloo) Jan Feys (McGill University) Robert Owens (Universitie de Montreal) Victor  LeBlanc (University of Ottawa)
Sungho Yoon (University of British Columbia) Tom Salisbury (York University)  David McMillen (University of Toronto) Bartosz Protas (McMaster University) Lilia Krivodonova (University of Waterloo)  Paul Tupper (Simon Fraser University) 
Marjan Zare (University of British Columbia)  Tony Ware (University of Calgary)  Silvana Ilie (Ryerson University)  James Sandham (University of Waterloo) Andrew Kroshko (University of Saskatchewan) Allan Willms (University of Guelph) 
  Matt Davison (University of Western Ontario) Marc Roussel (University of Lethbridge) Jahrul Alam (Memorial University)    George Patrick (University of Saskatchewan) 
12h00 Lunch break
CAIMS Annual General Meeting
Chair: Ian Frigaard
Battleford Ballroom
13h30 Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award Lecture: Frances Mackay (Western University) 
Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann - Molecular Dynamics Simulations With Both Simple and Complex Fluids

Chair: James Watmough
Battleford Ballroom
14h30 Plenary lecture: Diogo Gomes (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Mean-field Games Models

Chair: Michael Ward
Battleford Ballroom
15h30 Coffee break
16h00 Thematic Sessions, Minisymposia, and Contributed Talks  William Pascoe

Software Carpentry Bootcamp

Part 4






Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan
Complex Fluids in Industry and Physiology II  Credit Risk  Systems Biology II: Models Meet Data  Computational Methods in Biomathematics  Parabolic & Integro-Differential Equations and Integration Problems
Chair: Morris Flynn Chair: Matt Davison Chair: Marc Roussel Chair: Hermann Eberl Chair: Paul Muir
Amir Maleki (University of British Columbia) Ken Jackson (University of Toronto) Stéphanie Portet (University of Manitoba)  Qiming Wang (York University)  Chun Ho  (University of Toronto)
Ida Karimfazli (University of British Columbia) Adam Metzler (Wilfrid Laurier University)  Eldon Emberly (Simon Fraser University) Sharene Bungay (Memorial University) Vida Heidarpour-Dehkordi (University of Toronto)
Sungho Yoon (MalekiUniversity of British Columbia) Mathieu Boudreault (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) Mads Kaern (University of Ottawa)  Allan Willms (University of Guelph)  Hassan Safouhi (University of Alberta) 
  Marcos Escobar-Anel (Ryerson University)  Francis Lin (University of Manitoba) Rangarajan Sudarsan (University of Guelph)   Christina Christara (University of Toronto) 
18h00 Break
18h30 NSERC DG Information Session
Chair: Ian Frigaard

Battleford Ballroom


Poster Session and Reception

Battleford Foyer

Wednesday, June 25th 2014

08h00 Registration: Battleford Foyer
08h30 Plenary lecture: Robert Elliott (University of Calgary)
Binomial Tree Malliavin Calculus And Risk Measures

Chair: Roge Mamon
Battleford Ballroom
09h30 Coffee break
10h00 Thematic Sessions
Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton  Kelsey & Saskatchewan William Pascoe
Complex Fluids in Industry and Physiology III Mathematical Economics  Partial Differential Equation Models in Mathematical Biology I Parallel and Adaptive Methods I  Numerical Analysis and Optimization II Effective Evolution of Dissipative Quantum Systems
Chair: Robert Owens Chair: Anatoliy Swishchuk Chair: David Iron Chair: Benjamin Ong Chair: Lilia Krivodonova Chair: Marco Merkli
Mohammad Reza Haghgoo (University of Saskatchewan) Jingya Li (University of Western Ontario) Adriana Dawes (Ohio State Univerisity)  Yves Bourgault (University of Ottawa)  Krzysztof Voss (University of Saskatchewan)  Walid Abou Salem (University of Saskatchewan)
Frances Mackay (University of Western Ontario)   Alan Xinghua Zhou (University of Western Ontario) Nancy Khalil (Dalhousie University) John Bowman (University of Alberta) Justin Wan (University of Waterloo)  Marco Merkli (Memorial University) 
Gwynn Elfring (University of British Columbia)  Cody Hyndman (Concordia University) Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta)  Edward Boey (University of Ottawa) XiaoWen Chang (McGill University) Alireza Rafiyi (Memorial University)  
Qiming Wang (York University)  Alexandre Roch (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) Amanda Swan (University of Alberta)  Thomas Briffard (Laval University)  Dhavide Aruliah (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)  Artur Sowa (University of Saskatchewan)  
12h00 Lunch break
13h30 CAIMS/Mprime Industrial Mathematics Prize: John Stockie (Simon Fraser University) 
Challenges and Opportunities in "Mathematics For Industry"

Chair: Ken Jackson
Battleford Ballroom
14h30 CAIMS/PIMS Early Career Award: Geoff Wild (Western University)
Uncovering the logic of animal help
Chair: Bob Russell
Battleford Ballroom
15h30 Canadian Light Source Tour

Coffee Break
16h00 Thematic Sessions and Minisymposia
Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan William Pascoe
Partial Differential Equation Models in Mathematical Biology II Parallel and Adaptive Methods II  Contributed Talks in Mathematical Biology 

Chair: Thomas Hillen Chair: Steven Ruuth Chair: Walid Abou Salem
James Watmough (University of New Brunswick)  Benjamin Ong (Michigan State University)  Jacques Bélair (University of Montreal)
David Iron (Dalhousie University)  Emily Walsh (Simon Fraser University) Jacques Bélair (University of Montreal)  
Marianne Wilcox (Guelph University)  Ronald Haynes (Memorial University)  Kazi A Rahman (University of Guelph) 
17h30   Jia Gou (University of British Columbia) Manfred Trummer (Simon Fraser University) Iain Moyles (University of British Columbia) 
18h00 Break
18h30 Banquet
Adam Ballroom

Thursday, June 26th 2014

08h00 Registration: Battleford Foyer
08h30 Plenary lecture: Martin Gander (University of Geneva)
Riemann, Schwarz, Schur, Picard: From a Gap in a  Proof to Modern Domain Decomposition Methods

Chair: Ronald Haynes
Battleford Ballroom
09h30 Coffee break
10h00 Thematic Sessions and Contributed Talks
Adam Ballroom Battleford Ballroom Salon Batoche Carlton Kelsey & Saskatchewan William Pascoe
Numerics for Complex Fluids  GARCH/HMM  Computational Methods in Mathematical Biology (Graduate student session) IVPs and BVPs  Numerical Analysis and Optimization III The Stability and Dynamics of Localized Structures in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Chair: Peter Minev Chair: Alexey Kuznetsov Chair: Hermann Eberl Chair: John Bowman Chair: Uri Ascher Chair: Michael Ward
Ian Frigaard (University of British Columbia)  Alexandru Badescu (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)  Andrew Skelton (University of Guelph)  Steve Ruuth (Simon Fraser University)  Uri Ascher (University of British Columbia)   Ralf Wittenberg (Simon Fraser University) 
Kumar Nandakumar (Louisiana State University)  Matthew Couch (University of Calgary)  Saeed Torabi Ziaratgahi (University of Saskatchewan)  Paul Muir (Saint Mary's University) Ned Nedialkov (McMaster University)  Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta) 
Peter Minev (University of Alberta)  Anton Tenyakov (University of Western Ontario)  William Ko (Simon Fraser University)  Jason Boisvert (University of Saskatchewan) Chun-Hua Guo (University of Regina) Alan Lindsay (University of Notre Dame) 
  Anatoliy Swishchuk (University of Calgary)   Elham Mirshekari (University of Saskatchewan) Ray Spiteri (University of Saskatchewan)   Bartosz Protas (McMaster University)  Justin Tzou (Dalhousie University)  
12h00 Lunch Break and End of Scientific Activities

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